Methodologies – Alp. & Dig’S Technologies

methodologies, consultancy it services, strategic business approach

Strategic Approach

  • Intuitive organization and execution techniques integrate business strategies with user requirements.
  • The fundamentals help us to generate solutions that enable users to accomplish their tasks and goals successfully, and with minimum effort, encouraging repeat visits and brand loyalty.

Feasibility Study & Implementation

  • Work ability, meeting user’s requirements, effective use of resources and cost effectiveness.
  • Demands ongoing communication between on-shore and off-shore teams, and between development and client. Rapid development cycles and daily check-ins for feature/schedule refinement ensure transparency on progress of the deliverable.

Delivery & Client Management

  • A strong sense of teamwork, trust and ownership ensures stronger dedication and output. In addition, retrospectives determine what improvements can be made for the next round further enhancing productivity.
  • Self-organizing teams, where in all team members contribute and gain wider subject knowledge in a shorter period, enhancing flexibility in resource deployment as well as a better understanding of the business issues that create more opportunities for innovative solutions.  Read More

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