Hiring Now: Android Developers with 3-4 years of experience for Hyderabad Location….. Alp. & Dig’S

android developers alpdigs

Eligibility Criteria:

Masters/Bachelors Graduate – CSE/IT/Equivalent Streams. 3-4 years total career experience. 2-3 years relevant Android Mobile OS hands-on development experience.

  • Solid experience with installing and configuring Mobile Platform
  • Hands-on Android Studio suite development and testing experience
  • Configuration of configuring the SMP to support push notifications
  • Experience with installing certificates into the SMP server keystore and configuring apps to use SSL
  • Experience with creating, building and deploying applications
  • Experience with installing, configuring and administering the Mobile Platform 3.0 Server environment on Windows

Expected Output

  • Experience building and customizing the applications including configuring the application to support push notifications, work in offline mode and customizing the theme to support the client’s branding requirements
  • Experience with X-Code and Eclipse (or Android Studio) development environments
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Experience installing, configuring, and administering the Mobile Device Management system and integrating it into the customer’s existing network and security environment

Good To Have

  • Experience installing, configuring, and deploying the entry Inventory Manager application
  • Experience with Microsoft Visio a plus

Interested candidates can share your CV ’s to santhi.p@alpdigs.com or click on the following link to contact us http://bit.ly/1KTedE1

Kindly refer your friends and/or colleagues and/or others who’re interested & available and meeting the criteria, if you’re not.